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About Us

SA Info Business Group

Who we are and what we do
People from different countries and cultures around the world often find it easier to communicate with individuals and businesses with similar backgrounds and experiences.

As South Africans now living abroad this rings true for most of us, often seeking out businesses and services run by or owned by expat South Africans

SA info is managed by 3 expat South Africans, living in Brisbane who wanted to provide a service to fellow expats who found themselves, often lost, without people or companies who could offer services which they could feel comfortable with or who could relate to their needs.

The SA info directory provides Expats the perfect platform to connect these individuals with businesses and services that have been individually vetted to ensure they truly fit the criteria which Expats would consider to be South African these including, but are not limited to the various industries such as Health and wellness industry – like doctors, Building Trade – like contractors, and Professional Services – like Accountants; for example or simply businesses which provide a service or stock product targeted at South Africans living in outside of South Africa.

Why use our directory?

Our aim is to connect people with businesses they feel comfortable with.
All listings are vetted to ensure you are dealing with a company or person who has lived or worked in South Africa, and understands what it means to be “South African”. This makes it easier communicate, in a way that is more familiar to both the customer and business alike.

Why list your business?

South Africans want to not only support other South Africans, but seek out businesses and individuals with similar cultural and language backgrounds, which aids in better communication between customer and company to increase the possibility of a prosperous working relationship.

Simply list Your business, based on a package you require, and let SA info do the rest. SA info is marketed on various online platforms and search engines to ensure the directory is accessible and visible to potential customers.

Exclusive marketing through Facebook, and additional advertising opportunities are also available to assist in customers finding your listing.

Adverting Opportunities

Additional advertising opportunities for listings offer even more exposure for your business.

These include exclusive advertising banners on the SA info website’s home page and sub-pages, as well as Facebook marketing on our Facebook page.